The Writer:

Amber is a 24 year old living in Southeastern Alabama. In-game, she’s probably raiding or hunting the ever-elusive RP. (I hear it sparkles) At work, she’s a military dispatcher for a fairly large international moving company. For fun, she like other video games, board games (particularly Arkham Horror, Nuclear War, and Betrayal at the House on the Hill), playing some poker, and spending time just hanging out with friends. She also likes to cook, and was at one point named the Cookie Queen on a former server’s realm forums after a “So.. What are you doing today?” post got a “baking about 6 dozen cookies, the house smells GREAT!” response from her. When she isn’t cooking (or eating!), she enjoys knitting, watching shows about cooking (she’s a huge fan of Alton Brown and Paula Deen), reading, and spending time with her huge family.

The Girls:

Spyridoula Polysprocket is a Gnome Medic-in-Training that has an irresistible urge to tinker with everything in sight, including the people around her. She became a healer partially to satisfy her need to take care of those around her, but mostly because she just can’t sit idly by while someone is fixing anything. She’s a engineer that loves combining magic, alchemy, and technology to create new and better heals, often with hilariously disastrous results.

Adelinde Hammerstout is a Dwarven Huntress turned eager scholar and adventurer. Lin doesn’t meet stranges–everyone has interesting information to impart, and she’s happy ta buy the next pint and chat for a while. She cares little for politics or taboos, and believes that seeking knowledge for the sake of knowing is perhaps one of the most interesting things on Azeroth.

Ashtoret — coming soon

N’diayne and Cerys (Temperance) Sunfury — coming soon.


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