Stuff I Read

**This is totally still a work in progress** (And if I don’t have you listed, I’m sorry! Don’t lynch me–I’m cobbling these lists together from about 3 different sources.)


  • World of Matticus
  • Revive & Rejuvenate
  • Duct Tape & A Prayer
  • HoTs & DoTs
  • Tales of a Priest
  • Kurn’s Corner

Tanks and DPS:

  • Big Bear Butt
  • Stabilized Effort Scope
  • Cynwise’s Battlefield Manual
  • Frost is the New Black
  • Death Grip My Heart
  • Psynister’s Notebook
  • Aspect of the Hare**
  • The Hunting Lodge**
  • OutDPS
  • Destructive Reach
  • When Enraged
  • The Lazy Sniper
  • RedHawk’s Gaze


  • Hearthstone Tavern
  • Paladins for Javelins
  • Shades of Grey

Podcasts, Forums, Resources:

  • Elitist Jerks
  • OMG Phat Loots
  • **

  • NSUI
  • Plus Heal
  • Polygamerous
  • The Incredible Podcast (tipoaa – general gaming)

General Warcraft/Games/Other:

  • Righteous Orbs
  • /officerchat
  • WoW Insider (
  • WoW in an Hour
  • Clockwork Hare

**Denotes blogs that are no longer active but that have a big enough place in my heart that they aren’t coming off the list.


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